Blow your own trumpet!

Blow your own trumpet!

I had a conversation earlier today about networking meetings and I thought of the reasons why I’ve never been to one. I think as a ‘typical brit’ not only am I horrendous at taking a compliment about my work, I find it incredibly difficult to compliment myself. So standing in a room full of people telling them I’m ace at my job is absolutely the most terrifying thought. 
So this evening I set myself a challenge to tell the world (or just the Wirral) why they should choose me and my services. And I would encourage all my other business friends to do the same, sit down and take a look at how far you’ve come and what makes you the perfect choice. I’ve realised today that it is essential to believe in yourself and don’t be shy – tell the word your good points! Here goes! 
– I have 7 years experience in the nail and beauty industry with multiple professional qualifications and a member of The Guild of Nail Technicians. 

– I only work with the very best brands such as CND, Lecenté & MoroccanTan. I buy these products from authorised distributors only. 

– I have always kept my education up to date and value continued professional development, as this enables me to give my clients the very best services. 

– I am an Education Ambassador for the global market leader in the nail industry, CND, creators of the amazing CND Shellac. This was not an easy job title to earn – there were practical assessments, written exams, presentations and even an international boot camp! A rigorous process that led to me being able to help shape the future of the professional nail industry by teaching the next generation! 

– In 2016 I won Scratch Stars Gel Polish Stylist of the Year. Scratch Stars Awards are run by the largest nail industry publication, Scratch Magazine, and are independently judged by a panel of specialists. It’s an amazing accolade I am proud to have won it, and I’m in the final 5 of the same category this year too! 

– I have a real passion for nails, whether it’s a natural nail manicure or a set of beautiful enhancements. For me, the health of the natural nail is paramount which means clients can trust that they are in the best hands. I use the correct procedures for each and every product I use to ensure a perfect treatment every time. 

– I adore nail art and am always looking for new ways to surprise and delight my clients, and with the innovative Lecenté products this has never been more exciting. 

– I am also very passionate about the education side of my career – I try my very best to give as much knowledge as possible to all my students and continue to support them throughout their career with advice, help and support. 

There we go! I did it and it felt kinda good! Now it’s your turn, tell the world! 

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