Class Dates Available

Here is where you’ll find current class dates for all CND, Nail Art & MoroccanTan
classes available at Creative Academy Wirral.  


For more information on each class (kits, models, prices, course outline) please use the dropdown menu above to view class information.

To book a place on any of our courses, please give Sweet Squared Customer Care a call on 0333 000 7000 and they will book you on your preferred date!

If you’d like to chat about course options and what classes would be best suited to you, please email any questions or visit us on Facebook

Dates are subject to change. If there is a specific date you would like to take a class that isn’t shown, please contact us to see if we are able to accommodate the date.





DateClassSpaces Available?
20/02/2017CND Shellac ConversionYES
02/03/2017MoroccanTan NoviceYES
06/03/2017Perfect PolishingYES
13/03/2017Core Nail ArtYES
20/03/2017CND Shellac ConversionYES
22/03/2017The Lecente LookYES
26/03/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
05/04/2017Put :YOURStamp On ItYES
11/04/2017CND Shellac ConversionYES
23/04/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
26/04/2017Core Nail ArtYES
08/05/2017MoroccanTan NoviceYES
24/05/2017The Lecente LookYES
12/06/2017Put :YOURStamp On ItYES
21/06/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
27/06/2017Core Nail ArtYES
29/06/2017Perfect PolishingYES
01/07/2017MoroccanTan ConversionYES
11/07/2017CND Shellac ConversionYES
17/07/2017The Lecente LookYES
26/07/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
31/07/2017Put :YOURStamp On ItYES
03/08/2017MoroccanTan NoviceYES
07/08/2017Core Nail ArtYES
14/08/2017SPA Manicure ft. Natural Nail ClinicYES
29/08/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
04/09/2017Put :YOURStamp On It YES
13/09/2017The Lecente LookYES
26/09/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
16/10/2017MoroccanTan ConversionYES
18/10/2017CND Shellac ConversionYES
23/10/2017Core Nail ArtYES
30/10/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
06/11/2017Put :YOURStamp On ItYES
13/11/2017MoroccanTan ConversionYES
22/11/2017The Lecente LookYES
28/11/2017CND Shellac 2 day BeginnersYES
04/12/2017Core Nail ArtYES

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