Master Painter Qualification

master painter

Master Painter

2 Days 

The Master Qualification days are assessment based days, you will be assessed on Practical Technique in CND Shellac and Vinylux. Product application and removal, and your knowledge level by written assessment. Once successfully completed will qualify you as CND Master and elevate service levels for premium positioning – CND certificate and Master Artist badge on successful completion of the course.

You will need:

Professional Dress

Your full CND Shellac working kit including CND Shellac Base and Top Coat plus Wildfire, Cream Puff and a French Pink. CND UV or LED lamp, Table Towel, Desk Roll, CuticleAway, ScrubFresh, D Sperse & D Solve. Shellac Remover Wraps, CoolBlue, Cuticle Pusher/chisel, Kanga Board, Lint free pads. Vinylux Wilfire, Vinylux Cream Puff, A Vinylux French Pink, Vinylux Top Coat and SolarOil.

Models ARE required for this class with natural nails.

Notepad and pen.

Class Pre-requisites – CND Shellac Qualification, Perfect Polishing, Core Nail Art, SPA Manicure ft. Natural Nail Clinic.

Time:  10:00am – 4:30pm

Cost:  £175.00+VAT