CND Nail Enhancements


Liquid & Powder (Acrylic) Enhancements

A strong nail enhancement product. Either applied over tips, overlaid on the natural nail or sculpted. This creates beautiful, hard wearing and long lasting enhancements. Available in a huge range of fully mixable colours and glitters. We can create any length, shape and design. Colours can be custom blended for the perfect pink and white French. CND Shellac & Vinylux along with Lecente products are a perfect finishing touch, to extend the scope of design possibilities! Broken nails can be fixed, toenails reconstructed. Basically, whatever you want is achievable, so give us a try!


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Nail Enhancement Prices


Plain base nail enhancements
Including CND Vinylux colour application
Classic Pink & White
A range of pinks and whites to choose from
including opaque pinks to disguise and extend short nail beds or bitten nails.
Faded French is also available.
Custom Blend
Have a bespoke pink and white blended just for you!
add £5.00
CND Shellac
Add CND Shellac over your enhancements
from £7.50
Colour & Glitter
Choose from a massive range of colours & glitters in every colour imaginable! Full coverage, tip coverage, colour & glitter fades – the possibilities are endless!
from £40.00
2 Week Infill/Rebalance
Keep your nails looking at their best by keeping to a regular maintenance schedule, 2 weeks is recommended, and remember
to book your maintenance appointment before you leave to ensure you get the slot you want!
from £25.00
3 & 4 Week Infill/Rebalance
Due to the time elapsed since previous appointment, more work will be required to maintain your nail enhancements, and prices are charged accordingly.
from £27.50 - £30.00
CND Shellac
Add CND Shellac over your enhancements at your maintenance appointment
from £7.50
Nail Art
Nail art is priced individually dependent on products used and time taken, please ask!


Removals & Repairs

Safe and effective removal of any enhancement or coating, please never try to remove professional products yourself as you’re likely to cause severe damage to your natural nails.

Acrylic Removal
Safe, professional removal of liquid and powder enhancements, followed by a full hydrating manicure and polish of your choice. Only £7.50 when following with new set of enhancements!
Removal from another salon
Safe, professional removal of liquid and powder enhancements applied at another salon, followed by a full hydrating manicure and polish of your choice. Price is dependent on time taken. Only £10.00 when following with a new set of enhancements!
from £15.00
Enhancement Repairs
All clients get one free repair with each set, any repairs after that are charged at £3 per nail.
With proper care you should rarely need a repair, but accidents happen!